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Traffic Snake Game in the city of Debrecen (Hungary)

In the Dózsa György Primary School pupils made outstanding changes in mobility patterns with the help and support of their parents and enthusiastic teachers.

Hungary 4

During European Mobility Week (EMW), students increased their share of sustainable travel by 14%!. The game was organised alongside many other activities related to EMW to promote sustainable mobility.


According to the data, most students switched from cars to walking. Many gave car-pooling a go in order to make their journeys more sustainable. The school is still working on seeing the retention effect of this campaign and results will be available soon! As the school has enjoyed good late autumn weather, they are expecting great results. The results of the before and during measurement can already be accessed on the school page on

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Besides the Dózsa György Primary School in Debrecen two other schools in Budapest played the Game recently. One school managed 11% more sustainable trips the other achieved 19% more sustainable trips. According to the preliminary feedback children and their parents loved the game. Teachers understood the necessity of behavioural change at an early age and encouraged pupils and parents to participate. Teachers from Budapest reported a significant change in parking situation around the schools. The reason was that they also rewarded kids when their parents parked cars a few blocks away from the school and travelled the last mile by foot.

More information on the Hungarian Traffic Snake Game can be found on the national pages.