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Deluxe version for Varna schools in Bulgaria

CSDCS, the Bulgarian NFP, offered by the end of summer 2015 a deluxe version of TSG for the Varna schools that were playing very actively during the last season. The Club organized a children festival in the frames of the 21st International Tournament in Art Gymnastics for the Award of her Majesty Margarita Queen of the Bulgarians. The Varna school children participating in the tournament received nice and functional save jackets that were elaborated with the financial support of DSK Bank – official sponsor of the TSG in Bulgaria. Thus this bank became the only Bulgarian institution with proved care about the road safety of children.


CSDCS received a special Thank you letter from the President of the International Tournament:


In autumn 2015 Travis visited two Varna schools and disseminated save jackets to the classes participating in the game: