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European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week is an annual campaign on sustainable urban mobility, organised with the support of the Directorates-General for the Environment and Transport of the European Commission. The aim of the campaign, which runs from 16 to 22 September every year, is to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite their citizens to try out alternatives to car use.


Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools (STARS) is a three-year project designed to increase the number of pupils using sustainable transport to get to and from school, primarily by motivating kids who are usually dropped to school by car to cycle instead. For primary schools an accreditation system was set-up to reward schools who have achieved various levels of modal shift to sustainable trips.


ManagEnergy is an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, which aims to support the work of actors working on energy efficiency and renewable energies at the local and regional level.

The KidsCorner section provides educational resources for children (under 11), young adults (12-16) and their teachers in 23 languages.


The project SUPPORT is also running a school campaign focusing on reducing CO2-emissions from transport. During March 16-27, 2009 pupils can register their CO2 emissions on the way to school in an international database.

Sign up your school from 15 February 2009. It is free and open for any school in any country! If you participate in our Schoolway’s Traffic Snake Game or the ECO-TRIP campaign you are welcome to join because you too carry out the CO2nnect activities for schools.


This project helps primary and secondary schools kids by motivating them to make the effort to switch off lights and devices when they are not in use.

Because saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions is not only a matter of transport.


The European platform on mobility management!

The main aims of EPOMM are to promote and further develop mobility management in Europe as well as to support active information exchange and learning on mobility management between European countries.


Europe’s number one web portal on urban transport and mobility!

Have a look at ‘case studies’ – under Mobility management & Travel awareness you can find a lot of best practice examples for schools.


CIVITAS is designed as a programme that allows cities to learn from each other and facilitate an exchange of ideas. The following pages are dedicated to the different CIVITAS networks: the CIVITAS Forum Network, National Networks and the Thematic groups

useful uk links 


Northamptonshire County Council has  been promoting and supporting the Traffic Snake Game in the Northamptonshire area since the 2014. If you are a school from Northamptonshire you can contact us to join and benefit from the existing network of TSG schools in the area.


Sustrans works with communities, policy-makers and partner organisations so that people can choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys and enjoy better, safer spaces where they live. On the Sustrans website you can find advice and tips on the school run, walking with kids, and cycling with kids.


Modeshift aims to secure increased levels of safe, active and sustainable travel in educational establishments, businesses and communities thereby engendering widespread travel behaviour change in the long term. Modeshift’s vision is for a society in which active and sustainable travel is the preferred mode of transportation, creating  healthier spaces, healthier people and healthier communities.

British Cycling

British Cycling is the main national governing body for cycle sport in Great Britain. On British Cycling website you can find training and cycling activities for kids and parents, which can be useful for the kids to become familiar with cycling and also more enthusiastic about it.