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Traffic Snake Game UK: Coming to a school near you

The Traffic Snake Game is a fresh new campaign to promote and raise awareness of sustainable travel modes about to hit schools in the UK! It’s no secret that schools these days are spoiled for choice when it comes to campaigns and resources to take advantage of, which is why TSG UK would like to explain how we are different and why we are not competing with other campaigns.

Exclusivity is not required

That’s right, we don’t want you to just commit to our campaign – we would encourage you to participate in Walk to School Week, we would love for schools to promote other campaigns to support more walking and cycling and we also want you to actively run your own activities and campaigns when running our campaign. This is because our dream of a sustainable school community is also one shared by our perceived ‘competition’.  We ultimately support all campaigns trying to achieve these results and we believe variety is key to enforcing an already prevalent message.

We are not against the car

Even though our campaign is all about reducing single occupancy car use, we recognise that it is not realistic to ask parents to not drive their children to school at all. The point of our campaign is to raise awareness of alternative modes that may be a better option for families. We also want children to be more active hence promoting walking and cycling. Healthy children are those that are more active and building a habit of active travel from a young age whilst educating them on the environmental and personal benefits is something we strive to do. Car sharing even makes it on to our list of sustainable journey’s because sharing a journey with another pupil who would otherwise be driven to school is a great way to minimise car traffic outside the school during peak times.

Ours is a European Campaign

We encourage schools to run the TSG campaign during European Mobility Week or to run it during Walk to School Week. Being part of a European network is what makes our campaign unique. There are opportunities to link with other schools in 19 different countries as well as to grab ideas from other schools across the channel. There are so many wonderful campaigns and activities running across Europe and they are all documented on the school pages of each country.

Visibly see the results!

We are all very proud of our website.  We have tried to think of everything and this has resulted in a website which lets your school have its own page. You can post any information about your school, you can save pictures from the campaign and experiences and you can store your results. The best part is the in-built system which lets you monitor how the campaign is effecting change at your school. Hands up survey information is easy to submit and the interactive header and graphs show schools how well they are doing. The data collection tool can also be used on whiteboards and is a fun way for pupils to play the game in the mornings.

For a demo, please check out our video: Click here

We hope you can see how our campaign is supporting others and why we believe you can benefit from it. If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contacts page. If you are ready to sign up, please register at the sign-up page and we will contact you.