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It’s packing week!

That’s right! It’s packing week – what does this mean you might be asking? Well it just means that we are getting all the materials ready for our participating schools. It’s all abuzz here in the TSG headquarters. A conveyor belt system is ready and a rhyme are two are being sung which go a little like this:

Banners are being rolled and dots are being counted,

Couriers are on call whilst posters are being mounted,

Brown paper and Sticky tape? We are completely surrounded!

A last minute panic and the dots are recounted

why ever did we worry? Our fears were unfounded…

… that’s all we have so far but you get the idea!

If your waiting for your materials – do not fear, they will be with you by the end of this week. If your items have not arrived by Monday, call us and let us know so we can find out where the sneaky snakes have got to!

Oh, and if you can help us out with the rest of the rhyme that’ll be much appreciated :-)