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  • [bugfix] Fixed the Analytics plugin
  • [bugfix] Fixed a bug in the edition bulk approval
  • [bugfix] Now properly sending an e-mail when an account already exists when a school is approved
  • [feature] Added more data to the schools approval tables
  • [feature] Changed the behaviour of password changes by users, a logout is no longer necessary
  • [feature] Added a warning to the Add user page, also renamed the page to Add Admin user


  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue in the dropdown when a user selects a new edition
  • [feature] New signup process for Flanders
  • [feature] Moved the “view previous edition” dropdown to the top of the school page

  • [bugfix] Fixed a calculation in the CO2 monitor

  • [bugfix] Fixed the marker clusterer


  • [bugfix] Fixed small stickers calculation when users play more than 1 day during the pre-measurement
  • [bugfix] Fix for empty array warnings
  • [feature] Updated to WordPress 4.5
  • [feature] Added a better cookie functionality
  • [feature] Added Instagram and Pinterest icons and feeds


  • [feature] Added form functionality


  • [bugfix] Fixed multiple errors with empty arrays
  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue with the aggregated weather on result save
  • [bugfix] Fixed errors with division by zero
  • [feature] Blocking more third party cookies


  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where the login e-mail address of a new user for a second edition wasn’t registered


  • [bugfix] Added LIMIT 1 to school result query, multiple results were returned when signing in with a new edition


  • [bugfix] Removed slashes from Partner text field on partner page, links placed in the text area didn’t work


  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where schools that didn’t have Flanders as NFP didn’t receive a location on the map


  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where cities didn’t show in the admin schools list
  • [bugfix] Added stripslashes to school names in admin school list


  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where schools weren’t visible on the map because the current schoolyear wasn’t accounted for
  • [bugfix] Restricted user capabilities on the users edit page, to prevent creation and deletion of users


  • [feature] Added year select dropdown on EU participants page
  • [feature] Added year to schoolpage edition select
  • [feature] Added CO2 calculator
  • [feature] Added Kid’s Corner
  • [feature] Added Smartboard functionality to before and after measurement
  • [feature] When choosing to play a new edition, schools are now ordered by city
  • [feature] Added a school counter to the schools map
  • [bugfix] Fixed marker clustering not re clustering when schools were toggled
  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where partners were not sorted from a-z
  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where schools that signed up for a 2nd time and then chose to sign up for a 1st time were lost


  • [feature] Added edition number to result registration table in preparation of 2.0 changes

  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where the number of pupils was set to 0 when school settings were saved in the NFP admin screen

  • [bugfix] Make sure the correct template is set for schools and partners on creation


  • [feature] Added ability for NFP’s to edit users


  • [feature] Added analytics to the Network administration menu
  • [bugfix] Changed the smartboard undo icon


  • [feature] Added Smartboard functionality
  • [feature] Added school header animations
  • [feature] Added SEO improvements
  • [feature] Added possibility to start a new edition


  • [bugfix] Fixed a case where image could break out of their parent container


  • [bugfix] Enabled marker clustering on the NFP schools page
  • [bugfix] Fixed the zoom level on NFP schools page map


  • [feature] Added number of schools/partners/NFP’s to participants page
  • [feature] Added more detail to the participants map (country and city names)
  • [feature] The participants map can now be zoomed with the mousewheel
  • [feature] Added clustering to the participants map
  • [feature] Added more fields to the result exports
  • [bugfix] Improved alphabetical sorting on schools page
  • [bugfix] On the school and partner add/edit page the Google maps marker now shows up


  • [bugfix] Added translations for days of the week in pre-measurement drop down
  • [bugfix] Added “School page” translation to tab in measurement form


  • [feature] Added the possibility to assign multiple schools to a user
  • [feature] A user that has been assigned to multiple schools can now switch between schools with the “My school” menu option
  • [bugfix] Editing and saving a school in the back-end resulted in the loss of data entered by a school
  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where an approved school could possibly be assigned to the wrong school ID
  • [bugfix] Removed the starting date restriction from the calendar


  • [feature] Added new country select menu
  • [feature] Added changelog to network administration menu
  • [bugfix] Removed all WordPress update notices