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Deluxe version

The ‘basic’ Traffic Snake Game can act as an umbrella for other activities and lessons about traffic and sustainable mobility. It’s also a fun way to meet the requirements of the curriculum (maths, physical education, geography, history, reading and writing…etc).

Every participating school is encouraged to set up the ‘deluxe’ version. A school decides to have as many additional activities as they like.

The results of the Traffic Snake Game make more of an impact if the schools focus on the message of sustainability. Deluxe activities are for example:

  • Extra traffic and mobility education in the class rooms
  • Mapping the safe routes to school
  • A car free day
  • Cycle training on the school play ground or in the school environment.
  • A bike bell concert
  • Puppet show or theater about mobility
  • Pimp your bike workshop
  • Cycle parade
  • Bicycle repair
  • Police teaching at school
  • Shoe polish and bike wash
  • Exhibition of children’s drawings on the theme