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Online via Smartboard

If your school has a Smartboard (also known as a digiboard) connected to the internet, the results from the measurements can also be filled out in the class via the Smartboard.

Instead of raising hands during the campaign each child clicks  the travel mode they used on the Smartboard. The size of the dots change when results are entered and this is relative to the number of trips taken by each mode.

TSG 2.0!

Smartboard view Example

The teacher can correct an entry if necessary (for instance if a child clicks on a travel mode 10 times). A teacher can delete the last entries by clicking on the undo button on the  top right hand corner of the page. You can easily access the smartboard view when you’re logged in as a school.  You can enter the measurement results by selecting the Smartboard view in the measurement tabs (before measurement, campaign week 1, campaign week 2, or after measurement).