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The TSG Networks foremost purpose is to implement the campaign, extend its impact and share results and experiences among participants. The European Commission has favoured the network for partial funding between 2014-2016. The project team aims to establish an effective EU-wide and long-term support network to replicate, transfer and expand the uptake of the Traffic Snake Game.

In 18 EU countries TSG is being implemented by a national focal point (NFP). These NFPs are organisations that champion the project, disseminate information about the campaign and steer the implementation of the Traffic Snake Game in their country. In many countries the NFP is being supported by local partners who are in charge of the practical organisations of the campaign.

The TSG Network is coordinated by Mobiel 21 (Belgium). The NFPs receive support and training from a small core group of organisations (Mobiel 21, DTV Consultants and WYG), so that the concept of the TSG as proven approach is replicated in a fair and correct way.

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